Neuroanatomical Basis of Cognition and Behavior

Frontal Lobe

Controls organizing, sequencing, abstract reasoning and impulse control. Injury to this part of the brain can cause changes in emotional control, initiation, motivation and inhibition. Intolerance for frustration and easily provoked aggression are typical.  

Temporal Lobe

Controls expressive and receptive language and memory. Right lobe damage can also cause aggression as well as  persistent talking.

Parietal Lobe

Responsible for processing sensory information. Damage here can result in an inability to accurately assess emotions and behavior.

Limbic System

Damage to this area impairs “fight, flight or freeze” functions, distorts physical desires, and leads to hormonal disruptions.

The Anatomy of Emotions

Different areas of the brain and body are stimulated by different emotions.


Oren Gottfried, MD