Support Network Events

All are welcome to join us for our virtual game nights, wellness series, and special networking events. These events are designed to decrease social isolation, have fun, share tips and tools, and offer spaces for peers to come together.

If you have any questions, please email Amy Smith.

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Virtual Game Party - February 6 at Noon

Join us February 6 at 12:00 noon with a game party hosted by Sheila Vousoghian. Attendees will find connection and fun with one another through a virtual game party!
This event is FREE for all to see what our wellness series is all about.

These events are free for BIAV members and $10 for non-members:


Altered Book Making - February 16 at Noon

By taking a story that was written for you and making it your own, altered book making is a creative process to build self-reflection and resilience. Join BIAV and Healing Sounds LLC therapist, Cori Guevara, in this virtual workshop to learn more about the process and get started.

Attendees will need to bring a book to use and drawing, painting, or collage materials.



Music for Reflection and Relaxation - March 16 at Noon

Music often has the power to change our emotional state and provide a comforting aura. Given this effect music has, it can be used as a coping skill when you are in need of regulation. Join Raven Bransom as she helps attendees navigate different ways to use music for reflection upon your thoughts, current moods, and how it can be used for relaxation.

Attendees will need to bring anything to draw with and paper.



Send to a Friend - April 20 at Noon

Life after a TBI can be lonely for patients, caregivers, and professionals. Join us for this virtual art therapy workshop to design your own post card and mail it out to a friend or loved one you haven't seen in a while!

Attendees will need to bring blank post cards, and any drawing, painting, or collage materials.


Affirmation Playlist - May 18 at Noon

Creating a positive view of yourself can sometimes be met with challenges. Music can bring you closer to navigating when we are feeling a little less than kind to ourselves by providing a different perspective on life and even our emotional well-being.

In this session, Raven Bransom, will guide attendees in creating an affirmation playlist that will help us navigate through those times when we are feeling we need extra support.

No materials will be necessary, however come with songs that best describe you.