Virginia Brain Injury Professional Certificate Course

To provide a basic understanding of brain anatomy, functional impacts of brain injury, effective interventions, and the services and supports offered in Virginia.

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Course Description

Brain injury is a complicated diagnosis to treat, and it requires additional education beyond what most professionals encounter in school. This course will cover an overview of brain injury, the anatomy of the brain and what happens when it is injured, medical and physical complications, neurocognitive issues, psychosocial challenges, and special populations (e.g. families, kids, veterans). It will also offer strategies for providing supports to persons served, with a special emphasis on the Virginia system of care for those with brain injury.

   Course Learning Objectives:

    • Understand brain anatomy and the pathophysiology of mild, moderate and severe traumatic and non-traumatic brain injury
    • Identify medical, physical, cognitive, neurobehavioral and psychosocial sequela of brain injury
    • Recognize brain injury in special populations (e.g. children, the military) and with unique considerations (disorders of consciousness, family/cultural/sexuality/gender issues)
    • Learn treatment philosophies and approaches to rehabilitation
    • Identify at least 3 communication, behavior or treatment intervention strategies
    • Discover local resources to help serve persons with brain injury

   Course Structure:

Self-paced online course. Completion with a score of 80% or higher generates a certificate.

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This project is supported through state general funds (Contract #16-002A) administered by the Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services (DARS).