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The Voice of Help, Hope and Healing

For 35 years, the Brain Injury Association of Virginia has been exclusively devoted to serving Virginians with brain injury, their families, and those that care for and about them. Our mission is to advance education, awareness, support, treatment, and research to improve the quality of life for all people affected by brain injury.

  • Events
    Jul 14

    “The Future Ain’t What It Used to Be”

    When I first heard this quote from Yogi Berra , I thought it was a malapropism, which is an unintentional and often humorous distortion of a word or phrase.  But as the Brain Injury Association of Virginia  board and staff members have been focusing on succession planning, I’ve been thinking about this quote a lot…. Read more »

  • Jul 14

    Want to have fun AND help the Brain Injury Association of Virginia raise money at the same time?

    We’ve got you covered! Sign up to volunteer at  the Richmond Area Bicycle Association’s (RABA’s) annual Heart of Virginia Bike Festival Ride on Saturday, September 15, 2018. You’ll get to interact directly with the cyclists, enjoy refreshments, and directly contribute to a great cause.

  • Aug 14

    Free Webinar! What is an ABLEnow Account?

    Did You Know?  ABLEnow accounts can pay for a variety of qualified disability expenses related to maintaining health, independence and quality of life.  ABLEnow accounts help individuals with disabilities save money to pay for qualified expenses, without being taxed on the earnings – and in most cases, without losing eligibility for certain means-tested benefit programs…. Read more »

  • Aug 15

    Research Study Opportunity

    View this flyer to learn more about this research opportunity.  


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