The 2023 Virginia General Assembly session is beginning soon! Brain injury survivors, family caregivers and providers across the state have come together to advocate for more support and services for the brain injury community.
On this page, you can find:

  • All the information you need about our legislative priorities
  • The Virginia Public Policy Fact Sheet
  • Legislative Briefs
  • Letter writing templates to share with your legislator why they should support the brain injury community

You can also find resources for advocates, because everyone is an advocate!

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Advocacy 2023 Webinar

Join Anne McDonnell, Executive Director of the Brain Injury Association of Virginia, on December 14 at 1:00 pm for a free webinar about the upcoming Virginia General Assembly Session! Attendees will learn more about the upcoming session, the legislative priorities of brain injury providers across the state of Virginia, and more! The recording will be available for you after too!

2023 Budget Hearings

The General Assembly's Budget Hearings will take place on January 5th virtually! This is an opportunity for brain injury advocates to have face to face time with their legislators to share how funding would impact the brain injury community.

Learn more about this opportunity and sign up here!

This year, brain injury advocates are asking the Virginia General Assembly to invest in the brain injury community. They can do this through...

Investing in Services

We are asking the Virginia General Assembly to invest more in the services that support everyone affected by brain injury. We are asking for:

$1,125,000 to create a “Housing Specialist” position at each state funded community based BI program

$570,000 to expand specialized community based brain injury case management services.

Investing in People

We are asking the Virginia General Assembly to invest more in the services that support everyone affected by brain injury. We are asking for:

Inclusion of full-time employees of DARS’ state-funded Brain Injury Services program contractors in Cost-of-Living increases awarded by the state.

$675,000 for increase to base brain injury funding to address on-going, significant workforce retention issues experienced by providers.

Ready to Advocate?

Virginia Public Policy Fact Sheet

How many people are affected by brain injury? Where are gaps in services? Learn the answers to these questions and more with our Public Policy Guide!

Legislative Briefs

The information that your representatives need to see! Get the information about bill numbers, statistics, and more for your legislator with our Legislative Briefs!

Coming Soon!

Letter Writing Templates

Want your legislator to hear your story? Check out our letter writing templates that focus on our four asks. The brain injury community deserves investments, and your story can share the impact these investments could have!

Everyone's An Advocate!

Free Advocacy Webinars

Going to talk to a legislator can be intimidating, but thankfully BIAV is here to help! We have six quick and FREE webinars to walk you through how to be a confident advocate!

Advocacy Toolkit

Self-advocacy may be difficult, but you are the expert in your lived experience! Download the free self-advocacy toolkit for resources, tools, and worksheets on how you can become a better advocate!

Want to Learn More about the Virginia General Assembly?

Virginia General Assembly

Who is My Legislator?

Don't know who your legislators are?  Type in your address and you can send them an email from here!

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