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Our success depends on you, and your advocacy makes a difference.

You can improve access to quality brain injury care by:

  • Becoming a member of BIAV - stay up to date on the latest developments on laws and funding
  • Learning about brain injury services- get to know the systems of care and the gaps we have in Virginia
  • Learning about the legislative process - learn how to interact with legislators and policymakers.
  • Raising awareness - tell your personal story to lawmakers and the media
  • Attending BIAV’s Annual Brain Injury Awareness Day at the General Assembly

There are lots of ways to be an advocate and share your story and your needs with your elected officials and public servants.

  • Anyone can lobby a legislator and advocate for a cause or issue, but if you’re a constituent – meaning you reside in his or her district or state, and the legislator knows you’ll be voting for or against him or her, and influencing other constituents, what you have to say invariably means more and makes your voice more powerful.
  • A personal letter (or e-mail) is more effective than a phone call, but a phone call can have a significant impact, especially when compared to a form letter. That’s because a staff person from the legislator’s office will typically handle a phone call, record the important information, and relay the message to the legislator, whereas legislators will occasionally bring the most moving letters with them when it is time to vote on a bill. The bottom line is that whether expressed to a legislator in person, by phone, by email, or by letter, your voice is important and makes a difference!

BIAV is here to help you do that. We can brief you on issues, provide you with talking points, help you find your elected officials and so much more.

Advocacy Webinar Series

View these six quick webinars that will walk you through how to get comfortable with and be a confident advocate!


Virginia General Assembly

Who is My Legislator?

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