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2019 General Assembly Update

February 5, 2019

The House and Senate released their budget drafts; sadly, there is no support for funding requests for community based brain injury services. 

The Senate budget does include funds for a pediatric and adult  TBI demonstration project

Use of best practice guidelines improve patient outcomes and reduce costs, yet many hospitals don’t use them. This project will be conducted by a company called Qmetis and 3-5 Virginia trauma hospitals, and will use training and software to help clinicians adhere to acute care guidelines for the treatment of TBI. The goal of the project is to reduce deaths, improve recovery and reduce long-term care costs to Virginia. 

You can support this pilot project by taking a minute and sending a quick email to your  delegate or legislator. Use this language as a template: 2019.0204 Email or Letter Script Qmetis

Advocacy helps solve problems, change policies, build a movement and raise awareness; we advocate and collaborate at local, state and federal levels to improve the quality of life for all people affected by brain injury.

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