Screen & Intervene Pilot Project

The Brain Injury Association of Virginia has partnered with the Virginia Department of Health to explore the intersection between traumatic brain injury and domestic violence.

About the Project

This 1-year pilot project kicked off in November 2020 and pairs together 4 brain injury (BI) and 4 domestic violence (DV) programs from the same regions in Virginia. BIAV provides education, training, technical assistance, and facilitates the collaboration between the BI and DV programs. DV programs are learning to screen for brain injury and BI programs are learning more about the DV service system and their role in service provision.

Overall, the project aims to:

1) Increase the DV programs understanding of the challenges and strategies working with persons with brain injury entails;

2) Improve the overall effectiveness of the programs' interventions with persons who have sustained a BI as a result of DV.

2021.0226 Screen, Intervene, Refer Graphic

To collaborate, the BI programs are there to help the DV programs problem solve the next steps, help them navigate getting their clients a BI diagnosis (if necessary), and to consult on difficult cases. Similarly, the DV programs also act as a sounding board for BI programs where they suspect (or know) their client has experienced DV in connection to their brain injury.

Data collected during this project will include demographics, screening rates, prevalence of BI in people experiencing DV, symptoms, and much more. Analysis of this data will inform recommendations on intervention strategies, resource development, screening and referral processes, replicating the model in other regions, and training needs.

Project Milestones

November 2020

Grant approved; BIAV hires additional staff member to oversee project.

February 2021

4 BI programs and 4 DV programs matched; education, training, and screening begins.