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In each episode of BIAV's new podcast, Brain Talk, we explore a different facet of our vibrant brain injury community, whether it's family relationships, service animals, working in the field, nutrition, art, music, social connections, and everything in between.
Episode 1 - Don't Just Walk it Off
Featuring Rylie Power, an Occupational Therapist working in the brain injury field. Our host, Alex Criqui, is a writer and well-known artist. What Rylie and Alex have in common - sustaining concussions - makes for an interesting conversation about challenges, occupational therapy, and how recovery is possible. Listen below, or find us on Spotify.
Rylie Power Headshot - round-01
Episode 2 - A Mom and Her Dog: Life after a TBI
Featuring Monique and Mia, a mother and daughter duo. Monique is a veteran and a survivor of a TBI. Join host, Alex Criqui, Monique, and Mia as they discuss life after a TBI and how their service animals have supported her and their family.
Listen below, or find us on Spotify.
mia mom-01
Episode 3 - This is Us: Caring for Our Wives

Featuring Jon and Richard; husbands, fathers, and caregivers for their wives after a brain injury. Our host, Alex Criqui, talks with Jon and Richard about their roles in their families, dealing with the changes following a brain injury, and how building their support network and self-care allows them to keep going.

Listen below, or find us on Spotify.

Jon and Richard - Round-01
Jon and Richard - Round-02


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