Ready to reach out to your legislators?

We have developed three letter writing templates for you to write members of the Virginia General Assembly!

Want to learn more about our legislative priorities this year? Explore our 2023 Advocacy Webpage and our Advocacy in Action Webinar.

Template #1: Investing in Services

This year, we are asking for:

  • $1,125,000 to create a “Housing Specialist” position at each state-funded community based BI Program
  • $570,000 to expand specialized community-based brain injury case management services

Download this template to tell the General Assembly it's time to address the shortage of services for individuals with brain injury.

Template #2: Investing in People

This year, we are asking for:

  • $675,000 for an increase to brain injury funding to address on-going workforce retention issues experienced by providers.
  • Inclusion of full-time employees of DARS’ state-funded Brain Injury Services program contractors in Cost-of-Living increases awarded by the state.

Download this template to tell the General Assembly it's time to address the workforce issues for community-based brain injury providers.

Template #3: Investing in the Brain Injury Community

This template is for individuals who want to share their story and ask their legislators to support all brain injury funding legislation in this General Assembly Session. It lists all four of our legislative priorities.

Download this template to tell the General Assembly it's time to support brain injury services and providers!

Ready to Write Your Letter?

Step 1: Find out who your legislators are!

  • Head to
  • Type in your address
  • Write down your legislators and important information for you to know, such as their:
    • Title (Senator or Delegate)
    • Last name
    • E-mail or mailing address

Step 2: Write out your story!

You are the expert in your experience.

Read through our three letter writing templates, choose which template best matches your story, and share why you care!

Step 3: Send Away

Once your story is written in your letter, make sure to include their name, your name, and then send it off to them! 

Then, encourage your loved ones to get involved too! 

Thank you to our Mission Partners for supporting our advocacy efforts year-round:

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