This year, we are asking the Virginia General Assembly to invest in the services that support everyone affected by brain injury. We are asking for:

  • $675,000 to address on-going employee turnover issues experienced by providers.
  • staff working at state funded brain injury programs to get raises when state employees do.

Workforce Retention: Why?

Brain injury programs are reporting higher turnover and more trouble filling open positions because:

  • they can get higher more pay elsewhere
  • non-profit benefits aren’t usually very strong

An increase in funding for providers would mean less staff turnover, positions would be filled quicker, employee morale would be better and the quality of services for consumers would increase.

Cost of Living Increases: Why?

Since 1989, there have only been 18 years when new funds were provided for brain injury services in Virginia. Because of this, state funded brain injury programs are dealing with:

  • higher costs to do business
  • increasing salary demands
  • rising employee turnover

This budget change would mean staff at brain injury programs would get raises when state employees do.


Interested in Learning More?

Investing in Services: Learn more about our other legislative priorities, including investments in housing specialists and case management.

Our Legislative Briefs give more information about what we need and why, explains why it matters, and how the General Assembly could make this happen. These briefs also include personal stories from consumers on how these services have or would benefit them! Coming soon!

You Are An Advocate!

Everyone has a story to tell! If these services would assist you or your loved one, share your story! Our "Investing in People" letter template is ready for you. Share with your legislator what bills they should support with a section for you to share your story!

Want to know more? Check out our 2022 Advocacy Webinar. BIAV Executive Director, Anne McDonnell, shares the importance of our legislative asks and how you can be an advocate!

Thank you to our Mission Partners for supporting our advocacy efforts year-round:

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