Family Caregivers

Brain injury doesn't impact only one person; it affects the entire family.

We offer free and confidential consultations and referrals and "take a break" programs to help you navigate life after a loved one's brain injury.

We provide information on specific topics, such as:

  • Relationships
  • Self-care and wellness
  • Managing behavior and emotions
  • Housing
  • Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security
  • Education accommodations and services

We connect you to vital resources, such as:

  • Support groups
  • Specialists offering customized treatment
  • Government agencies and programs
  • Case management
  • Community services
  • Rehabilitation options and providers

Browse through our resource library where you'll find quick guides, articles, links, webinars, and videos covering an extensive list of topics for caregivers.

Access our online resource directory to find doctors, support groups, therapists, attorneys, and more. Search using keywords and save your results.

Fill out our resource request form with details about what you're looking for. Our staff will then reach out to provide the resources chosen just for you.

Receive guidance from our staff who understand the uncertainty, frustration, and apprehension common to anyone impacted by brain injury.

Connecting with Community

Being a caregiver is so much easier when you have a community of peers who understand what you're experiencing and are there to cheer you on. That's why we offer meaningful ways for you to connect with fellow caregivers year-round.

Attend events like the supporting caregivers monthly meeting, trivia nights, wellness presentations, and more. All events are free to BIAV members!

An online peer community accessible to caregivers 24/7 to discuss monthly themes, share personal stories, and exchange resources.