Individuals & Families

We're here for what comes next after brain injury.

We offer free and confidential consultations and referrals to help those affected by brain injury make informed decisions.

We provide information on specific topics, such as:

We connect you to vital resources, such as:

  • Behavioral and emotional changes
  • Memory issues
  • Concussion
  • Physical health
  • Employment
  • Advocacy
  • Substance use disorder
  • Mental health
  • Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security
  • Children and education accommodations
  • Support groups
  • Specialists offering customized treatment
  • Government agencies and programs
  • Case management
  • Community services
  • Rehabilitation options and providers

Browse through our resource library where you'll find quick guides, articles, links, webinars, and videos covering an extensive list of brain injury topics.

Access our online resource directory to find doctors, support groups, therapists, attorneys, and more. Search using keywords and save your results.

Fill out our resource request form with details about what you're looking for. We will then reach out typically within 5 work days to provide your resources.

Receive guidance from our staff who understand the uncertainty, frustration, and apprehension common to anyone impacted by brain injury.

"I am so glad I stumbled on BIAV. Previously in search of help I had made numerous calls with no help at all. I have told people I struck gold with BIAV. I am looking forward to delving into all the info Christine sent me. I am sure this will prove to be very important & helpful."

"This call was extremely helpful! I would have given up. You guys believed me, understood my symptoms, didn’t trivialize and belittle me, didn’t embarrass me and gave me hope!"

"The conversation I had with your office was incredible! The staffer was warm, empathetic, thorough, and down to earth. She pulled together meaningful strategies and organized an attack plan from a mass of difficult and disparate emotions, experiences and observations."

"My contact with BIAV was personable, experienced, knowledgeable and very helpful. I cannot imagine a more caring organization to help guide me through a tough time with my family member."