Substance Use Resources for Professionals

Alcohol Use Disorder and TBI

This review provides a general overview of the bidirectional relationship between TBI and AUD and a discussion of potential neuropsychological and neurobiological mechanisms that might underlie the relationship.

Intersection of TBI, Substance Abuse, Mental Illness, and Criminality

Understanding the intersection between criminality, mental illness, substance use, and traumatic brain injury has important implications for improving individual functioning, reducing recidivism, and promoting safer behavior management in criminal justice settings.

Suggestions for Substance-Abuse Treatment Providers

Provides guidance and strategies for substance abuse treatment providers working with persons with brain injury or cognitive impairments.

TBI and Substance Use Disorders Toolkit

Toolkit for providers to understand the effect of TBI on substance abuse, effective screening measures, and how best to deliver treatment.

The Effects of Substance Use and TBI

Provides reasons why alcohol and other drug use after traumatic brain injury is not recommended. Demonstrates the effects of substance use on the brain following TBI.

The Problem of Substance Use and TBI

Information about substance use before and after TBI and during treatment.

Treatment for Substance Use with TBI

Effective new and modified approaches to treating substance abuse in individuals with TBI.