“Through BIAV’s educational events and resources,

I am able to share all I’ve learned with others, so

they, too, can get the much-needed help they

deserve. If it were not for my daughter’s strength

and the support of BIAV, I don’t know that we

would be in the place we are today.”

~ Kelly Lang, mother of Olivia Lang
Olivia sustained a traumatic brain injury in a car accident

We Help Individuals and Caregivers by providing:

Neuro-Resource Facilitation: Individualized problem-solving, brainstorming and help with accessing important services such as treatment providers and funding.

Support Groups: In-person and on-line opportunities for emotional support and advice and help for brain injury support group leaders across Virginia.

Camp Bruce McCoy: (overnight camp experience) A recreational opportunity for individuals with brain injuries and valuable respite for caregivers.

We Help the Community through:

Public Awareness & Education: Conducting activities such as presentations, exhibits, public service campaigns and special events.

Advocacy: Representing the needs of the brain injury community in the legislative and policy making process.

Volunteer Opportunities: Offering meaningful experiences and student internships focused on important BIAV projects.

We Help Professionals by offering:

Case Consultations: Expertise in specific clinical techniques and interventions that increase professionals understanding of the brain injury recovery process and awareness of resources

Educational Programs: Enhanced brain injury knowledge through in-services, conferences, webinars, presentations and workshops.

Membership: Discounts on event sign ups and an extensive and rich network of business and professional contacts.

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