I Received a Letter

If you received this letter in the mail, you may have some questions about what it means for you.

Why did I receive this letter?

This letter was sent to you because, as required by law, the Virginia Statewide Trauma Registry was notified that you were recently admitted to a hospital in Virginia. During your stay, hospital staff reported you could have sustained an injury to your head or neck that could cause you to have symptoms of a brain injury. It is possible you could receive the letter several months or even a year after your injury.

If I got the letter, am I required to call the Brain Injury Association of Virginia?

As the statewide provider of information and referrals for individuals impacted by brain injury, we are available to speak with anyone about their personal challenges and circumstances. However, if you received the letter, you are not required to call us. We are simply available if you need any assistance now or in the future.

Does the Brain Injury Association of Virginia receive information about my injury?

No, we do not receive any information about you or your injury. We are listed as a resource available should you need help, but we do not have any prior knowledge about who is reported to the Virginia Trauma Registry. If you decide to reach out to us, all of your information will still remain confidential.

How can the Brain Injury Association of Virginia help me?

We offer free, confidential consultations to help anyone impacted by brain injury find the information, resources, and referrals they need during recovery. We encourage you to browse through the different areas of our website where you'll find an extensive library of quick guides, articles, videos, and other resources. Don't see what you're looking for or have specific questions? Get in touch with us.