Our Final Shout-Out for Member Appreciation Month

Our final shout-out for Member Appreciation Month goes to Brain Injury Connections of the Shenandoah Valley (BICSV) for their outstanding work in the community and specifically for their Crisis Intervention Trainings (CIT)! In case you are unfamiliar with BICSV, they are a state-funded program that provides community-based case management services to those affected by brain injury. BICSV is a loyal member of BIAV and earlier this month collaborated with BIAV at a brain injury training at the Valley Community Service Board office, where BICSV staff highlighted the CIT education they offer to police officers and first responders.

These trainings provide important information and teach valuable skills for people working in tough situations requiring quick and effective responses. One day after a recent training, BICSV staff received an email from an attendee that demonstrated just how necessary this knowledge is…

“I actually was off duty with my wife coming home from a dinner date and ran into a situation I was following up the road. Once the Bath County Deputy got the vehicle stopped, I assisted the deputy and because of the CIT training, discovered that instead of a DUI, a traumatic brain injury and depression case existed. I spoke with the gentleman for 30 minutes on the side of the road and educated him about resources and things he didn’t realize he was doing or was happening to him… what could have been deadly and could have gone such a different way ended with the gentleman in tears and saying how no one had ever taken the time to talk with him before. I walked away with a handshake… CIT truly does work and I thank you (BICSV) for the opportunity.”

Thank you to BICSV for all the work you do in the community and for your continued support of BIAV through membership!