Electronic Visit Verification Update!

The October 1 deadline is still in place with some changes!

A Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS) policy clarification has been issued stating that a transition period for Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) will take place from October 1- January 1, 2020.  During this period, providers will still be reimbursed if they do not meet EVV compliance. This transition will allow users an opportunity to prepare and assure they are meeting EVV requirements.  For claims submitted after January 1, 2020, EVV will be required and reimbursement will be denied for services not compliant with EVV requirements. 

Things to Know:

  • Attendants and employers are strongly encouraged to begin using the approved EVV applications to submit time during the transition period.
  • EVV does not prevent individuals from accessing the community.   DMAS will not penalize individuals who have clock in and clock out locations occur in some place other than their home.
  • Attendants will be required to clock-in prior to starting a shift and will be required to clock-out at the end of each shift using their mobile app. 
  • If there is no internet access in the home then the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is an option.
  • Employers of Record (EOR) use the smart phone app, web portal or IVR to approve the time worked by the attendant.

Details can vary depending on your MCO’s fiscal agency so be sure to contact your service facilitator or Managed Care Organization with questions or contact Debra Holloway, Medicaid Waiver Mentor, Brain Injury Association of Virginia.  [email protected] or call 1-804-355-5748.


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