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Tell the General Assembly to Support Brain Injury Funding Today!

As this year’s General Assembly session starts winding down, the biggest thing they have left to do is finalize the budget. Right now, they are considering adding more than $5 million in brain injury funding over the next 2 years. Budget negotiations are in their final stages, and we need you to help legislators make the right decision.


By emailing 14 legislators today and ask them for their support! You can help by sharing stories about how brain injury services make a difference in your lives.

  1. Download the email template
  2. Copy and paste it into an email
  3. Add in your story about how services have helped, or could help you or someone you know and your name
  4. Change subject to "Support Brain Injury Funding!"
  5. Send out to the 14 legislators!

These are the ones who will make the final decisions:

House of Delegates


You can download this list of emails to copy and paste their addresses into your email OR click on each legislator to open a new message!

The email template provides lots of information about the specific items we support, but if all you can do is send an email that says “Support brain injury funding in the 2023-2024 Virginia budget"  then that would be fine too! 

Thank you!

Thank you to our Mission Partners for supporting our advocacy efforts year-round: