About Brain Injury: Bridging the Gap Between Brain Injury and Homelessness Course

To help those serving individuals experiencing homelessness better understand and manage clients that have experienced a brain injury.

2023.0501 Bridging the Gap

Course Description

A brain injury can impact someone's behavior, cognition, mental health and more.  For persons who are experiencing homelessness the impact of their brain injury can be even more detrimental.  Research shows that individuals in this community are more likely to experience depression, memory loss, criminal involvement and substance misuse.

Many providers are unaware of the link between brain injuries and homelessness, and often overlook brain injury symptoms. This contributes to decreased access to care and support for those experiencing homelessness.

   Course Learning Objectives:

    • Understand the parts of the brain and what happens to it when it is injured
    • Identify medical, physical, cognitive, neurobehavioral and psychosocial challenges after a brain injury and strategies to manage these challenges
    • Learn about haw brain injury can impact those experiencing homelessness
    • Be introduced to assessments and brain injury screening

   Course Structure: Self-paced online course.

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