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Dr. Lumpkin provides neuropsychological and psychological assessment services. Neuropsychological evaluations are completed when there are questions/concerns about memory, learning, attention, or other cognitive function. Neuropsychological evaluations provide important information about cognitive and psychological functioning after an individual has sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI). The neuropsychological evaluation consists of three appointments. During the first appointment, the individual (and family member or other trusted individual) will participate in an interview with Dr. Lumpkin. The interview allows for the individual/family/significant other to speak about their current concerns and for Dr. Lumpkin to gather information about the individual’s background and history. The second appointment is in-person assessment and will be completed either with Dr. Lumpkin or a psychometrician in the practice. The testing will focus on cognitive functioning (for example, memory, attention, processing speed, etc.) and psychological functioning. There is a third and final appointment and this is where the results and recommendations are reviewed. A comprehensive report is written for you and for your medical provider.

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