Sheltering Arms Fund Grant Awarded to the Brain Injury Association of Virginia

The Brain Injury Association of Virginia (BIAV) has partnered with the Sheltering Arms Institute (SAI), which features a 24-bed brain injury (BI) unit and a stroke rehabilitation unit. Recognizing the long-term care needs of these patients after discharge, BIAV has established a support network for patients and caregivers.

As a preferred community partner of SAI, BIAV has introduced a referral program designed to enhance SAI’s continuum of care and strengthen the collaborative relationship between the organizations. During their stay, patients are introduced to BIAV’s services through brochures and an introductory video provided by SAI’s team.

A BIAV Clinical Liaison is actively involved, working with patients, families, and SAI staff. This liaison holds office hours, makes referrals to support groups, online channels, and conferences, educates on available resources and service providers, and participates in SAI-hosted programs for patients post-discharge.

The grant received from SAI graciously gives BIAV the opportunity to further support, continue our mission, and enhance the connection with those reaching out for services. Our commitment to help, hope, and healing is never ending.