Geoffrey’s Story

Hello my name is Geoffrey Butler.  From the age 1 through 7, I was a normal kid.  Still at the age of 7, I started to have 4 types of seizures.  The worst type, called a Drop Attack Seizure, it make my whole body weak & makes me fall at any given time.  So I have a helmet on my head to protect my brain for getting hurt.

I had seizures during middle school and Menchville High School where I was from 1991 to 1995.  In 1996, I started going to Thomas Nelson Community College.  I was still having seizures and stress of studying and doing homework made it worse.  So I had to drop out of college in 1998 with no education and bye, bye future. Now, all I was doing was on the internet mostly doing Facebook.  Then in the year 2000, the doctor’s implanted a Vagus Nerve Stimulator. What that is, is just like a pacemaker for the brain.  I had to have surgery and it was placed under the skin and the wire ran to a vain to the nerve in my neck. The V.N.S came with a magnet and it help me to stop the seizures.

In April 2007, my Mom, a L.P.N School Nurse, turned on the Newport News School Channel.  Right then, Jason Young was on.  He was talking about the Denbigh House. I look it up on the computer, saw what is was and for 10 years now I have been going to the Denbigh House.