It is Open Enrollment Time for Medicaid and Medicare!

If you are enrolled with either or both Medicare and/or Medicaid, it’s the time of year to choose whether to switch or keep your health insurance companies. The dates and choices are different for different programs.

Medicare is the health insurance available once you turn 65 or if you were deemed as a disabled worker by Social Security.

Medicaid is health insurance available to people with low incomes, whether you are disabled or not. There are 2 types of Medicaid:

  • CCC Plus for people who are Aged or Disabled and
  • Medicaid Expansion helps people with low income, they may or may not be employed. It can provide health insurance people who are applying for Disability and/or who are still in the waiting period for Medicare coverage.

Why compare plans for next year? Plans change, and your health care needs or situation may have changed too. Doctors may change the insurance companies they are enrolled with and how well or if your medications are covered can change too. Open Enrollment is the only time of year you can change who covers your health care needs.


Open Enrollment Period is here now and runs until December 7th Now’s the time to compare Medicare plans for 2021.

Visit this website toCompare Plans  Think about what benefits matter to you and find a Medicare plan that fits your needs.  If you decide to change plans, your new coverage will start January 1. If you need help with this, VICAP can help. Find your local office here: or call 1-800-552-3402

Remember: When comparing plans, look at the estimated “Yearly Drug & Premium Cost.” A plan with the lowest premium may not always provide the lowest total cost to you.


Medicaid Expansion Open Enrollment runs through December 31st 

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, more people may have lost their jobs or are working fewer hours.  If you’ve lost health insurance through your employer, you can apply for health insurance through VA’s Medicaid expansion program. Individuals who earn less than $1,469 a month are eligible. Couples must earn less than $1,983/month. Go to for more information/

CCC Plus Medicaid’s open enrollment runs now until December 18, 2020. Go to  for more information