On November 30, we're raising funds to support more Virginians with brain injury, their caregivers, and professionals. Are you with us?

We believe every person who has sustained a brain injury should have access to critical resources to help with their recovery, and every caregiver and professional should feel supported in helping others.


But, with so many deserving nonprofits needing your help on Giving Tuesday, why pick BIAV?

While we may not cure cancer or save kittens, we do provide free and confidential consultations and referrals to help those affected by brain injury make informed decisions. For the 28,000 Virginians who sustain a brain injury each year (in addition to their family members and communities who are also impacted) BIAV’s work is critical to a successful recovery whether that be days, months, or even years after an injury.

Jump to our personal stories blog to learn more about who we've helped. 


Your contributions will help provide more resources to the brain injury community so no one goes through this process alone.

Download our 2020 Giving Toolkit where you'll find everything you need to raise money AND awareness about brain injury. There are options for everyone to get involved or, you can simply visit our donation page now. No matter how and to whom you give today, your generosity makes a difference.

Ready to get started?

BONUS CHALLENGE: Why do you support the brain injury community?

Take a selfie with our downloadable poster, personalize it, email it to erin@biav.net, and be featured on our Giving Tuesday Instagram!