Our members did big things this year… Be part of it in 2020!

BIAV Membership brings together people from all areas, experiences, and walks of life to form a supportive, meaningful community. We value genuine connections and building lasting relationships; and our members do, too. These relationships are how we support each other and create real change for Virginians impacted by brain injury.

Looking back on 2019, our members continued to amaze us. Whether it was volunteering their time, donating goods, services, and money, showing up at the capitol for Awareness Day, participating in our educational events, providing input on important legislative initiatives, or offering peer support in our online groups, our members showed up for each other. And we can’t thank them enough.

If you’re not a member, you’re missing out on peer networking, resources, education, opportunities to make the system of care better, and much more. But don’t take our word for it, take our member’s:

“I became a member because I wanted to be more involved and helpful in any way I can. I also hoped to learn more about TBI and to meet people who can be of help/show me guidance in any way at all to bring my dad home. I know that coming together as a community can be one of the best things I could do, whether it be to learn new things about TBI, help people like my dad, and just the support in general.” - Individual member

“Being a BIAV member gave me a whole new perspective on working as a young professional in the brain injury field, plus I’ve met some amazing people along the way!” - Young Professional member

Looking ahead to 2020, we plan to make membership even more meaningful with new benefits, more opportunities to connect, and new ways to communicate with us and each other. We want you to be a part of it. Are you in?