Meet Lauren Daugherty!


Lauren and her husband Michael live in Chesapeake, Virginia with their two children, Logan and Emma. When she’s not spending time with her kids at the beach, you can find Lauren doing some interior decorating and crafting!

Lauren joined BIAV this past winter because of her personal connection to brain injury. “My sweet, big-hearted, fun and amazing Dad, Eric Fletcher, was in a horrific motorcycle accident and suffered a TBI 14 years ago in April of 2005 when I was just 16 years old and in the 10th grade.” After her dad’s injury, Lauren became a co-guardian of him alongside her step-mom. As Lauren told us, being a caregiver at such a young age is an incredibly difficult task, but is something that over the years Lauren has learned how to navigate.

When we asked Lauren why she became a BIAV member, she said, “I became a member because I’d like to be more involved and helpful in any way I can. I am also hoping to learn more about TBI and or to meet people who can be of help/show me guidance in any way at all to bring my dad home. I know that coming together as a community can be one of the best things I could do, whether it be to learn new things about TBI, help people like my dad, and just the support in general.”

We are so thrilled to have members like Lauren who not only want to engage in the community to better understand their personal situation, but also to help others experiencing similar things. Membership is about building a better, stronger community so that Lauren and her dad can receive the help, resources, and connections they both need.

Thanks for sharing your story, Lauren!