Look Out Camp Bruce McCoy! Here We Come!

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At camp, we do a lot of things

that to my face, smiles each one brings.

Survivors of T.B.I., need some joy.

It helps us victims to be happy

and makes sure that our lives are snappy.

For fun, I’m looking for, “The Real McCoy.”


I hope we’ll do some nature study.

If so, I’m sure to be your buddy.

Identifying trees brings joy to me.

Since I love dogs, (can’t get enough),

for they will make my life less, “Ruff!”

Dogwood’s, “barks” on my favorite kind of tree.


Earthball is lots of fun to play

so make it work out some, I pray

since it makes me feel great, no words are bolder.

Though injuries must be expected,

that’s fun, I hope it’s not rejected.

Like Atlas, the, “Earth” gets upon each shoulder.


It’s fun for me to make some things

because on my face, smiles, it brings.

Some need wind to work them in rooms quite drafty.

To make things with my hands is great

since that’s one thing I’ll never hate.

Don’t call me cunning, but call me right, “crafty.”

My nice guitar will come along

so I can lead the group in song.

To makes folks happy, it has got the power.

To bake things in my oven’s great

since that’s one thing I’ll never hate.

That means I will cook with some, “Wildwood, ‘Flower.’”


It’s fun to see old friends created.

That makes my heart feel quite elated.

To dance The Funky Pretzel, strength, I’ve got.

That ties folks arms up when we do it.

If done wrong, you will learn you blew it.

To dance like most folks do is great fun, (“knot”)!


My phone is quiet all the time

which for me, I think is a crime.

I’m mighty loveable, that’s no bologna.

When it makes that sound, it does sing.

I’m not engaged, but need a, “ring.”

That’s true for my loves is no, “tele-‘phony.’”


Well, here’s to this year’s Camp McCoy.

I hope it brings me lots of joy.

God’s blessed us with things like He always does.

With cars, I’ve never been a driver,

outrunning Magnum or McGuivor.

We’ll get together soon though.  Much love, Roye

2019.0520 Cuz & horse

We are so excited to see you all at Camp Bruce McCoy soon!

If you are interested in supporting camp this year, please consider purchasing something off our Supply Registry or Gift Card Registry. You can also donate to BIAV.