It’s the Giving Season; And We’re Giving Thanks

As a new year quickly approaches, we’re reflecting on the many accomplishments, learning moments, and gratitude we have for the work we do and the people we serve here at BIAV. In the spirit of giving thanks, some of our staff took a moment to share exactly what they’re thankful for this year.

Christine, our Senior Resource Coordinator, who many of you reading may have spoken with, said, “I am thankful for BIAV because I have the opportunity to help people when they are in need, and I am often in awe of the strength and determination of the families and individuals I serve.” So many of the stories we hear from caregivers and persons with brain injury are the epitome of resilience, which inspires us to continue our work each and every day. Anne, BIAV’s Executive Director, said, “I’m thankful for the community because they have taught me how to serve people with brain injury; they have shown me resilience; and they have made me a better and more grateful person.” And finally, Laura, our Director of Programs, said, “From camp to the caregiver forum and everything in between, I am grateful to have a job with a purpose and to work with a team who brings their humor, compassion, and dedication to the mission of helping Virginians impacted by brain injury.”

It is because of the community we serve that our team is so passionate about improving resources and services in Virginia. We are grateful for the opportunities and connections the brain injury community offers us every day, and as we look forward to 2020, we have big plans to expand our efforts and honor our mission. On behalf of everyone at BIAV, we want to say THANK YOU to our community for supporting us, making us better, and for inspiring us to be resilient, strong, and courageous.