2022: A Year of Connections

Body and Mental Health

In the hustle and bustle of a year coming to a close, it’s important to reflect on the past year. So, we wanted to provide you some prompts for you to reflect on 2022 and to look forward to 2023. So, grab a journal, a group of friends, or reflect on your own!

What does connection mean to you?

This doesn’t have to be a traditional definition! What makes you feel connected to people? How do people make you feel accepted? What are the feelings that come with feeling connection?

What are you most grateful for that 2022 brought you?

Gratitude is not always easy. Anyone affected by brain injury knows the transitions after an injury are difficult. It can be hard to find things to be grateful for in the hard times. Read our November blog for tips on gratitude and being grateful!

When was a time you felt most connected to someone this year?

We all feel connected to people differently. Think back to a time this year where you needed support. Who was there and what did they do to make you feel heard and loved?

What was your favorite memory of 2022?

Was it a connection with a friend? Was it a great meal or a trip? Was it learning a new self-care trick?

• What is a habit or habits you picked up this year that you would like to take in the new year?

The new year shouldn’t just be about what you want to do differently! What’s something you’ve done for yourself this year that you want to continue with next year?

Who is someone you are grateful for this year?

Let them know! Give them a call, send them a text, write them a letter, or spend some quality time with them.

What is one new thing you tried this year?

Chances are trying something new will increase your self-confidence and open doors to new personal growth.

What are you most proud of?

Hey, we’re proud of you too!

What is something you are looking forward to in 2023?

Obviously, besides all the amazing events coming up from BIAV! We know that already!

BIAV heads into our 40th anniversary in 2023!

How wild is that? As we look into our 40th year, we have reflected on our time and what we are looking forward to most. 2022 allowed us to share so much with you.

This year, we were able to laugh with one another, support each other in the chaos of adjusting to a COVID-world, try new things, and provide help, hope, and healing. We are honored and so grateful to support the brain injury community! In 2023, we are looking forward to celebrating our accomplishments over the last 40 years! Check our what we've been working on the last 40 years in our new Historical Milestones page!

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