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Contact Us

1506 Willow Lawn Dr., Suite 212
Richmond, VA 23230
804-355-6381 Fax
Toll free helpline – 1-800-444-6443

BIAV Staff

Anne McDonnell – Executive Director
Theresa Alonso – Data Coordinator
Christine Baggini – Senior Resource Coordinator
Laura Bennett – Director of Programs
Debra Holloway – Education and Resource Coordinator
Sheela Nimishakavi – Development Coordinator
Lynn Scott – Program Assistant


Board of Directors

Darcy Carroll – President
Dana Larson – Vice President
Kelly Lang – Secretary
Bryan Meadows – Treasurer
Directors: Dr. Alison Alford, Scott Bucci, Dr. Chad Dillard, Lorraine Enright, Sara Lewis, Cynthia O’Donoghue, Derek O’Neal, Josh Parsley, Mary Tognarelli, Kelli Williams-Gary

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