Camp Counselor Training

Welcome to the Counselor Training page for Camp Bruce McCoy 2022

This training is to be completed by Sunday, May 15th and should take you no longer than 2 hours altogether.

There are 5 REQUIRED training modules. At the end of each training module, there is a short 4-5 question quiz. These quizzes will assesses your knowledge of the module’s content. Links to all trainings and quizzes are provided below. 

There are also 2 survey questions in each quiz that will request feedback on the training content and structure. While these responses are not anonymous, they are also not required, yet we ask you to please consider providing some feedback so that we can continue to provide a training experience that most benefits you, the staff of Camp Bruce McCoy.

Training Modules

(1) Brain Injury Basics

Learn basic information about Camp Bruce McCoy, its history & purpose, and types & causes of brain injury.

(2) A Closer Look At Brain Injury

Take a deeper dive into brain anatomy and the physical, cognitive, and behavioral effects of brain injury.

(3) The Counselor Role

Understand the role and responsibilities of being a counselor.

(4) The Camp Experience

Learn what to expect during a typical day and how to facilitate camper participation.

(5) Sexual Assault & Molestation Prevention

Review the Sexual Assault and Molestation Prevention Policy and your role in prevention.

Helpful Resources

Again, the training modules should be completed no later than Sunday, May 15th.

If you have trouble accessing any of the files listed here or the training quizzes, please email

Thank you, and we look forward to having you at Camp Bruce McCoy this year!