Complete Online Application

On line application directions:

  • The red * above a question indicates the question must be answered or your application will not be accepted.
  • You can click on 'Save and Continue' at the end of this page (scroll ALL the way to the bottom of the page) to revisit and keep working on the application at your convenience for up to 30 days.
  • Once you click Save and Continue, you will receive an email with a secured, unique link to your draft application. Check your junk/spam folder if you don't see it in your inbox.

Do NOT click the Submit button until you are done with the application.

Camper Application 2019

  • Welcome to the online application for Camp Bruce McCoy 2019. All of your information will be stored securely. You can click 'Save and Continue' at the BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE at any time and resume the application at your convenience for up to 30 days. IMPORTANT: Type in your email address after you hit Save and Continue in order to receive the link to continue editing your application. IMPORTANT: Do not hit the back button on your browser while you are completing the application and do not hit refresh - you will lose your information. Once you are done with the application hit the Submit button.
  • Very Important: After you click on Save and Continue, you may need to wait a few minutes for your changes to stick. Do not panic if you save your work and go back to review your changes - wait 5 minutes then check your edits using the link you received via email.
  • Parent or Guardian Information

    This person will be contacted with any questions, concerns and communication related to the above camper.
  • The following sections must be completed fully in order for the application to be considered.

  • Level of Function

  • If the applicant is a returning camper, has his/her overall level of function changed since prior attendance?
  • Are there any special precautions the applicant needs that camp staff need to know about? (For example, swallowing, diabetes, asthma, difficulty with medicines?)
  • Are there particular habits or concerns camp staff should be aware of (for example, food dislikes, sleeping patterns, wandering, inappropriate language or behavior)?
  • If yes, please explain and state the outcome.
  • Level of Assistance

    Please indicate the level and type of assistance the applicant requires for each of the following, as well as any type of equipment that is needed or used at home.
  • Issues & Strategies

    Please address the following if applicable and provide details and strategies that may be helpful for camp managers to know.
  • Is the applicant's speech understandable? If no, how does the applicant make his/her needs and wants known?
  • Medical

  • If seizures have occurred, indicate frequency and type of seizures; also indicate any "auras" or pre-seizure behaviors that have occurred and applicant's behavior after the seizure has ended.
  • If assistance is needed with medications, please describe.
  • Should family be notified if seizure occurs, or non-emergency medical treatment is required (for example, a sprained ankle or minor injury)?
  • Please list other physicians to be contacted if a medical condition arises during camp including their name, specialty, and phone number.
  • Review

    Please carefully review your answers. Remember that your application is NOT considered complete until all of the additional forms are completed and signed.