Support Network

You are not alone in brain injury. As part of the BIAV Support Network, you can build meaningful relationships, find support, and feel genuine connection to your community.

Connect with People Like You

The BIAV Support Network (BSN) offers all Virginians impacted by brain injury opportunities to support each other’s identity, well-being, and day-to-day lives through facilitated support groups, online peer communities, and recurring community events. These peer support and networking opportunities provide persons with brain injury, family caregivers, and professionals with the chance to bond and develop ongoing, meaningful relationships centered around shared experiences.

Support Groups

Persons with brain injuries and family caregivers can join (virtually or in-person) with others in similar situations to share coping strategies, resources, encouragement, and advice.

Peer Communities

Professionals, support group leaders, and family caregivers can connect 24/7 through Mighty Networks, an online space to discuss topics meaningful to you, exchange ideas, and meet new people with similar experiences.

Social Events 

All are welcome to join for our virtual game nights, wellness series, and networking events. These events are designed to decrease social isolation, have fun, share tips and tools, and offer spaces for peers to come together.

Recreation & Respite

Friendships, fun, and taking a break are important elements of our support network. Our annual recreation and respite programs are designed to give people with brain injuries a week-long recreational experience, provide family caregivers with a break and opportunities to connect with each other.

Camp Bruce McCoy

A two-week overnight camp in Chesapeake, VA for persons with brain injury to socialize, learn new skills, and have fun; at the same time, families and caregivers get some much-needed time to take a break.