Person-Centered Planning Video Resources

What is Person-Centered Planning?

A quick video explaining the process.

Interview with Michael on the evolution of person-centered thinking.

Michael Smull has been working with people with disabilities since 1972. His extensive experience covers nearly all aspects of developing community services. Mr. Smull has written extensively on person centered thinking and planning, the challenge of changing to a person centered system, and issues relating to supporting people with challenging behaviors.

Understanding Person Centered Thinking, Planning and Practices.

Therap presentation for service providers.

Person-Centered Planning and the Pandemic, Tools and Approaches for COVID-19 and Beyond.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought into stark relief the critical importance of advance planning for both daily wellness and healthcare emergencies. In this interactive workshop, a panel of subject matter experts from across the long-term services and supports field, as well as people with lived experience, will offer tools and strategies that can be used to cope with life during a pandemic and plan in the event of a COVID-related hospitalization.

5 Key Principles of Person-Centered Planning: An Easy Read Guide.

Learn about the 5 Key Principles of Person Centered Planning in easy read language.