Tips to Help Control Anger

There are several techniques that you can suggest to the inmate to help control and manage their anger:  

  • Encourage the inmate to work on recognizing what their triggers are and what they can do to avoid them – managing one’s anger is a skill that requires continual practice  
  • Suggest that the individual takes a moment (ex: count to ten) to allow for time to think about what they want to say when feeling angry before saying something that might instigate the situation further  
  • Brainstorm solutions to find productive ways to deal with anger – suggest going outside (timing permitting), write in a journal, talk to someone you trust, read a book  
  • Remove the individual from the source of the stressor  
  • Attempt to redirect the conversation and help the individual relax to prevent escalation of the situation  
  • Acknowledge and validate what the individual is saying  
  • Be an active listener and stay calm  
  • Engage in relaxation techniques (breathing, progressive muscle relaxation)