Brain Injury and Correctional Facilities

  • This module explores the impact that brain injuries have on the justice system. High rates of brain injuries in correctional facilities is a universal occurrence that impacts so many inmates and employees – like you! This is not a new topic and one that is continuing to be explored. 
  • The goal of this module is to educate employees of the justice system on what brain injury is, what challenges may be presented, and how to best work with individuals with brain injuries. Created through an Occupational Therapy lens, this module aims to increase quality of life and completion of meaningful daily activities for both employees of correctional facilities and justice involved individuals with brain injuries.  
  • You can navigate through the sections on the left side of the screen which include information, resources, and videos. Some sections will have knowledge checks for you to complete to test the knowledge you have gained this far – you are able to retake these as many times as you need. At the end of the module, there is a case study to explore real world scenarios that you could experience at work.
  • Thank you for taking the time to complete this module!