• A systematic review of 17 articles revealed a wide range in the prevalence of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) among prison inmates, ranging from 18.3% (for severe head injuries with extended unconsciousness) to 94.2%. On average, across the 17 studies, about 64.9% of inmates were found to have brain injuries. This wide variation in estimates is due to differences in testing methods, definitions of brain injury, and study procedures. The National Institute of Justice estimates that approximately 50% to 67% of inmates have experienced at least one TBI, a rate approximately five times higher than the general population’s 8.5% with a history of TBI. These statistics illustrate a significant difference in brain injury prevalence between the general population and those within the justice system. Research has also found that the majority of employees in the justice system do not receive formal training on brain injuries.  

Check out Kim Gorgens’ TEDx talk “The Surprising Connection Between Brain Injuries and Crime.” Dr. Gorgens is an expert in the field of brain injury and the justice system.  

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