Strategies to Consider for Cognitive Challenges

There are various strategies you can propose based on the cognitive challenges an inmate be experiencing:  

  • Allow for additional time in completing tasks 
  • When giving instructions, break them down into smaller sections  
  • Ensure that you have the individual’s attention before continuing conversation (ex: ask them to repeat what you said)  
  • Use several different modes to relay information (ex: visual, verbal, demonstration, written)  
  • Minimize distractions, when possible (ex: loud noises, increased traffic/people moving around)  
  • Work with one another to come up with possible solutions for the task at hand 
  • Be specific and direct with instructions  
  • Do not use metaphors, sarcasm, or abstract thoughts – be as straightforward as you can  
  • Inform the individual of changes to the schedule/routine as soon as you can  
  • Provide feedback regarding inappropriate behavior in a timely manner