Why We Love BIAV – National Non-Profit Day 2022

On August 17th, the US celebrates National Non-Profit Day to recognize the impact of charitable organizations. We are proud to be a statewide, primary source of information and personal support for individuals, families, and professionals whose lives have been impacted by brain injury. Nearly 300,000 Virginians are disabled as a result of TBI and stroke. Our mission is to advance education, awareness, support, treatment, and research to improve the quality of life for all people impacted by brain injury.

Our staff here at BIAV wanted to share why we love what we do for the brain injury community in Virginia.

Anne McDonnell, Executive Director: “I truly appreciate the fact that I am able to work alongside the brain injury community to advocate for the 300,000 Virginians that are affected by brain injury.”
Tim Williams, Deputy Director: “There is such a need for support and we are able to fill in and provide some help in those gaps.”
Debra Rogers, Development & Operations Manager: “I get to come to work every day and know that I am truly helping. We also get to see every day how precious life truly is.”
Christine Baggini, Community Resource Facilitator: “I have always been fascinated by neuroscience. I am able to combine that passion with my passion for helping this community. I also get to see the generosity and care of all people in this community.”
Debra Holloway, Education Manager: “I love being able to share information and resources that are truly helping someone.”
Amy Smith, Clinical Liaison: “I am so grateful for Camp Bruce McCoy, especially the interactions and connections we see. We work alongside people at all different stages of their brain injury journey, and they belong.”
Sophie Fontaine, Communications & Special Events Coordinator: “Everyone affected by brain injury comes together and I have had the privilege of seeing that first hand. We truly are a community that advocates for everyone to have access to the services and supports they need.”
Victoria Kercado, Community Engagement Specialist: “I saw right away the passion for advocacy in the brain injury community. This is a group where people feel they belong and they can find resources and connection.”

Thank you!

Thank you to our incredible sponsors, members, and donors for your help in continuing our work! You can become part of our community as well! Here are 5 ways that you can support BIAV today!

Become a member:

BIAV offers a variety of memberships that fit everyone in the brain injury community! Benefits of our membership program include:

  • Amplifies the voice of brain injury community, especially in the General Assembly!
  • Free webinars, special discounts on events and programs, and technical assistance
  • Networking opportunities for businesses, professionals, and families
  • Connection through our exclusive Mighty Networks groups! 

Learn more about our membership opportunities here and join today!


We are one month away from the 2022 Heart of Virginia Bike Festival at the Hanover Court House in Richmond. The Richmond Area Bicycle Association graciously donates a portion of the proceeds from this event to BIAV and we need your help! Volunteers will run multiple rest stops and cheer on the cyclists that are supporting our work! 

To learn more or sign up, email [email protected].

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