Advocacy: How You Can Help

Stay Informed

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Find Your Legislator

Type in your address to find out who represents you in your district. Anyone can lobby a legislator and advocate for a cause or issue, but if you’re a "constituent" – meaning you live in his or her district or state and you’ll be voting for or against him or her – what you have to say makes your voice more powerful.

Tell Your Story

While there are many useful, free tools to auto-generate emails to send to your legislators, sharing a personal story is the most effective way to get their attention. Phone calls are also helpful, however they are often handled by a secretary within the office who passes the message to the legislator. When legislators receive particularly heartfelt and moving letters, they occasionally bring them when it is time to vote on a bill. It is the real life day to day struggles and successes that make the community's needs known and compel people to take action.

To get started, view our sample letter to guide you on how to write an informative letter to your legislator. You can also share a personal story with us at BIAV and we will use those testimonies to advocate on your behalf.

People impacted by brain injury deserve better access to services and supports and you can be a part of changing a community’s destiny. Be informed, ask questions, and decide to act; it’s not nearly as hard as you might think, and your calls, emails, and visits to legislators make a difference!