The S’more the Merrier! – Become a Counselor for Camp Bruce McCoy 2022

Brandon has been a counselor at Camp Bruce McCoy for the past five years! Brandon told us that he was drawn to camp from “hearing about all of the amazing stories from another camp counselor. They had described camp as one of their favorite weeks of the year. They had also informed me some of the male campers might not be able to return because of not having enough male counselors. I knew at that point each counselor would truly make a difference and camp was something I needed to be a part of!”

“Something I really love about camp is that it feels like one large family. Over the years I’ve grown close to both counselors and campers I look forward to seeing each year! I keep coming back to camp for the one big family atmosphere along with feeling like I can truly make a positive impact in someone else’s life.”

We are so excited to make new memories with Brandon and all our counselors this year! Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity – become a counselor today!

Pictured is Brandon and one of our campers, during his favorite memory at Camp.

“One of my favorite memories at camp is when we were doing yoga and one camper in particular was able to perform the yoga poses much more independently than he was expecting he was going to be able to. This resulted in not only him having a strong sense of achievement written all over his smiling face but also elevated the entire room as we are all very impressed!”

Make memories this summer and become a counselor at Camp Bruce McCoy! Learn more and apply.

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