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Over the last several weeks the world has experienced dramatic change, emotions, and devastation; but we have also experienced incredible generosity, selflessness, and support. Giving Tuesday Now was created to celebrate just that: the strength of community when faced with even the toughest of times.

For us at the Brain Injury Association of Virginia, we have seen the strength of our community in ways we did not expect… volunteers reaching out to deliver groceries around the state, professionals giving their time to share advice for navigating a new normal, and large spikes in online engagement.

We always knew the brain injury community was resilient, but now we know just how impactful their resiliency is. That’s why we’re launching our #StoryofStrength campaign to continue building on this momentum and to show that we will come out of this pandemic stronger, together.

What exactly is a #StoryofStrength?

 “I’m not able to go to my usual support group or activities since the lockdown. Luckily, they are offering online activities and I’ve attended as many as I can. They’ve really helped me feel less lonely and I can’t wait to see everyone when we get back together. This is my #StoryofStrength.”


“Today I called a friend I hadn’t spoken to in months to check in on them. We shared our fears, stress, and anxieties. In the end, we both felt so much better getting to talk to each other and catch up. I now feel more motivated to reach out to people I didn’t realize might be looking for someone to talk to. This is my #StoryofStrength.”


“As a caregiver, I have had a ton of things and stress on my plate since being on lockdown. But today, I woke up and made myself a healthy breakfast. It took my mind off of everything else and started the day on a positive note. This is my #StoryofStrength.”


We all have a story to tell. And we all show our strength in different ways. No matter how you’re taking care of yourself and others during this time, your #StoryofStrength matters and impacts the entire community.

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Here’s how to participate:

  • Create a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter post and include #StoryofStrength
  • Attach one of our custom #StoryofStrength graphics
  • Tag 5 friends to nominate them to tell their #StoryofStrength
  • Share your story on your preferred social media platform

Want to remain anonymous? Email us your #StoryofStrength and we will share it on your behalf, but without your name.

Download our template for even more guidance on how to share your #StoryofStrength.

Participating in the #StoryofStrength campaign isn’t the only way to get involved.

We encourage you to show your support of BIAV by:


We are still pairing volunteers in Virginia to deliver groceries, but we also need help at future events like the annual Heart of Virginia Bike Race in September, our Making Headway Conference in November, and NEW volunteer opportunities we create on an ongoing basis.

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