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Meet the Brain Injury Association of Virginia’s New Interns

Meet the Brain Injury Association of Virginia’s New Interns!



Rebecca (“Becka”) Herbig is a second-year Masters’ of Social Work student at Virginia Commonwealth University, concentrating on administration, planning, and policy practice. Prior to returning to school, Becka practiced law in Richmond with a focus on product liability, medical liability, and personal injury. Becka is interested in advocacy and advancing social policy on behalf of individuals with disabilities. Last year, she interned with Community Brain Injury Services as a case manager and came to BIAV to continue to develop her experience with survivors of brain injury. Becka’s work at BIAV is concentrated on revising internal policies related to programming and preparing for the 2018 General Assembly session and Awareness Day.


Erin Tyra, from Sante Fe, New Mexico, is a current undergraduate senior at the University of Richmond pursuing a double major in Rhetoric & Communication studies and Psychology.  Erin has worked for other non-profits in the past doing communications and came to BIAV to further strengthen those skills. At BIAV, Erin works in the communications department where she focuses on social media, donor communications, and marketing.


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