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You Can Make A Difference

Fall is coming and that means it is time for United Way’s Annual Giving Campaign! Do you participate? Does your employer match your donation? Have you thought about designating your donation? BIAV benefits from the United Way Campaign and the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). As long as your gift is at least $50*, you can designate it to come to BIAV and, if your employer matches your donation, that is $100 that will help provide help, hope, and healing to a person with brain injury and their family. It’s a simple process; when you fill out your form, go to the section that allows you to designate and write in the correct campaign number for BIAV. We also participate in the Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign (CVC) and you’ll need our agency number in order to designate a gift to BIAV.
Here are all of those numbers:
United Way: 56127
CFC: 56127
CVC: 3059*Note: United Way Campaign rules only allow gifts of $50 or more to be designated to an agency, otherwise the monies are directed to the United for All Fund, of which BIAV is not a beneficiary. If you support more than one organization, each designation must be at least $50.
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