Fundamentals Certificate

Developed by experienced clinicians and rehabilitation professionals, Brain Injury Fundamentals is an all-new training and certificate program designed to address the unique needs and challenges of those who care for or encounter individuals with brain injury.

This includes:

  • non-licensed direct care staff persons
  • facility staff
  • family members and friends
  • first responders
  • others in the community.

The mandatory training course covers essential topics such as:

  • Cognition
  • Guidelines for interacting and building rapport
  • Brain injury and behavior
  • Medical complications
  • Safe medication management
  • Families coping with brain injury

The course is grounded in adult learning principles, maximizing participant engagement and application through an interactive workbook. Using real-life scenarios to anchor the course concepts, participants learn about the challenges people face following brain injury and the types of support they need. This essential program will help candidates understand different types of behavior, manage medication safely, and provide support to families and friends.

Costs & Fees

Fundamentals one day training, exam and workbook $183.00

If interested contact Debra Holloway at or call 804-355-5748