Opioid Use and Traumatic Brain Injury

Opioids are drugs ranging from prescription painkillers to illegal drugs like heroin. While opioids can be effective and safe if taken as prescribed, they can cause severe problems if abused. Over-using substances like opioids puts you at a higher risk for sustaining a brain injury due to trauma or because oxygen is cut off to the brain. Conversely, the symptoms caused by a brain injury increase the likelihood of abusing substances like opioids to temporarily relieve physical pain.

This recorded session will provide an overview of the opioid epidemic, share VCU survey results, and offer resources related to opioid use and misuse.

Presented By: Jennifer Marwitz, M.A.; Kevin Murray, M.A.; Laura Albert, B.A., VCU

Recorded Webinar:

Additional Resource on Opioids and Brain Injury: