2.8 million annually:

•2,500,000 emergency dept. visits (90%)

•282,000 hospitalizations (10%) •50,000 deaths (2%)

Leading cause of injury related death; ~30% of all injury‐related deaths in the U.S. Responsible for more years of injury related disability than any other cause worldwide

Young children, adolescents/young adults, and older adults are disproportionately affected.

75% of TBIs that occur are classified as mild.

After a TBI, the risk for a second injury is THREE times greater; after a second TBI, the risk for a third injury is EIGHT times greater.

Second most prevalent disability in the U.S; an estimated 13.5 million Americans or nearly 5% of the U.S. population are living with brain injury.

Overall rates of TBI have gone up gradually from 2001 to 2010; rates of TBI related death have dropped during the same time frame.


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