Counselors, Welcome to Camp Bruce McCoy 2022!

Camp Dates:

Week 1: May 22-28

Week 2: May 29-June 4

Important Deadlines:

April 15: Personnel Form and copies of driver's license, COVID-19 vaccination card, and medical insurance card.

May 6: COVID-19, Confidentiality, & Sexual Abuse and Molestation Prevention Policy Acknowledgement Forms

May 6: Counselor Training

Contact Information:

Brain Injury Association of Virginia

2810 N. Parham Road, Suite 260

Richmond, VA 23294

Phone: 804-355-5748; Fax: 804-355-6381


Step #1 - Due by April 15: Fill out the Counselor Personnel Form. This must be done by the due date in order for the proper background checks to be run.

Use the document upload center to provide copies of your driver's license, insurance card, and COVID-19 vaccination record if not previously submitted with the personnel form.  

Step #2 - Due by May 6. Complete each required form below (COVID-19 Acknowledgement, Confidentiality Policy & Agreement, Sexual Abuse Prevention Policy & Agreement ).

Step #3 - Due by May 6.  Counselor Training.

Click here to access the counselor training page