Camp Counselors Needed!

BIAV will conduct the 40th year of Camp Bruce McCoy from May 20th – June 3rd at the Triple-R Ranch in Chesapeake, VA.  Camp Bruce McCoy is designed to provide the best recreational opportunities possible for the campers, many of whom are homebound or in long-term care facilities the remainder of the year.  The program will offer typical camp activities adapted to the abilities of each person. 

BIAV will need approximately 15 counselors and 5 attendants for each week of the program.  Counselors and attendants are given the opportunity to apprentice for their chosen professions by learning valuable skills in the areas of brain injury, leadership, behavior management and therapeutic interventions. Counselors and personal care attendants will be brought on for one or two weeks as temporary seasonal personnel, and will be paid a stipend of $225 per week for work as a counselor and $250 per week for work as a personal care attendant. Counselors will work with groups of campers, help run activities and most importantly, be a friend.  They will also assist campers with dressing, showers, hygiene and meals.  Attendants will have similar responsibilities, but will be working with one individual who requires a high level of care and attention. 

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