Welcome to Camp Bruce McCoy 2022!

Camp Dates:

Week 1: May 22-28

Week 2: May 29-June 4

Important Deadlines:

April 8: General Applications and Financial Assistance Requests Due

May 6: Medical Clearance, Release of Medical Information, Witness Signatures, and COVID-19 Risk Acknowledgement Forms due

May 6: Copies of driver's license or other ID, COVID-19 vaccination card, insurance info, medications list, and any other information/forms needed due

Contact Information:

Brain Injury Association of Virginia

2810 N. Parham Road, Suite 260

Richmond, VA 23294

Phone: 804-355-5748; Fax: 804-355-6381

Email: camp@biav.net 

Application Instructions:

All of the information you need to apply for camp is included on this page. Please read the instructions carefully. Additional instructions and details are included on the application documents. The cost of the program is $600. Attendant Fees are $300. Mini-Camp will be $100. Financial aid is available; the application is at the bottom of this page.

There are 2 different ways you can apply for camp: online or on paper (the paper forms can also be filled in electronically). We ask that you only submit a paper application if you do not have internet access. The online application is more efficient, as paper applications are often difficult to read and take more time to complete and process. If you choose the paper form, please print as legibly as possible.

Step #1 - Due by April 8: APPLICATION DEADLINE HAS PASSED. Fill out the application below.  By submitting your general application in Step 1, you will meet the April 8 deadline.

Step #2 - Due by May 6. Download each REQUIRED form below (Medical Clearance, Release of Medical Info, Witness Signatures, and COVID-19 Acknowledgement).

To submit you can either:

  • Upload using Document Upload Center OR
  • Fax OR
  • Mail

Step #3 - Due by May 6. Upload (use the Document Upload Center button), fax, or mail additional information as needed.