2021 Mission Report

2021… The year of a new normal, ups and downs, and navigating the unexpected.

COVID continues to push its way through the world, but we get up and push back, and say “we can do this,” and this year…

  • We supported people with brain injury and their caregivers with virtual and in-person support groups, so people felt less lonely and could talk openly and honestly about their experiences and feelings without being judged.
  • We connected people to resources, to wellness events and to each other through peer networks to help them take care of themselves and each other, and ease their feelings of isolation and worries about finding the right professionals and programs to make the best recovery possible.
  • We raised awareness of brain injury by calling attention to and educating magistrates, behavioral health providers and domestic violence programs to the link between brain injury and the populations they serve, and asking for more agencies to screen for brain injury at intake.
  • We successfully advocated for laws and funding that made it easier for those we serve to access programs and services.

I encourage you to read through this annual report and see examples of the very real ways our support, connections, and advocacy made a difference in people’s lives. If you are interested in learning more about any of the specific programs, feel free to click the links and explore our website to learn more about us.

Yes, it’s been a tough two years, and we have tough times ahead of us, but the support of our dedicated members, generous donors, mission partners and charitable partnerships, agency and foundation funders, provider colleagues, and our volunteers who serve on the Board of Directors, Advisory Groups and Speakers Bureau made it all a whole lot easier.

Together, we can do more, and we want to stay connected with you to make more happen.

Anne McDonnell, Executive Director

We have helped families navigate

the unexpected for 39 years.

And 2021 was no different.

We Supported

Brain Injury Survivors, Families, and Caregivers through our

Information & Referral Program

Two Camp Bruce McCoy Day Camps

Support Groups

Support in Action


When Frank first came to camp, he wasn't sure what it meant to survive a brain injury. After his experience at Camp Bruce McCoy, Frank learned not only what surviving was, but found a community and comfort in the special group of people.

"Thanks to everyone involved with camp for helping me learn many life lessons, grow, build countless friendships, and form memories that will last forever.”

Frank, Camper

Program Highlight:

BIAV received national recognition as the recipient of the 2021 Alliance for Information and Referral Systems' Innovation in Operational Effectiveness Award

Learn more about this award here!


We Connected

newly injured Virginians, supporters, and their families through



Online Support Communities

Advisory councils & Speakers Bureau

Connection in Action

2021.0706 Davison Chapman Pic

David suffered a severe TBI in 2019 when he was hit by a truck in a school zone crosswalk. While at the hospital, David's family received information about BIAV. They reached out us in 2021 for information and connection.

After talking with us, his mom told us "the materials and additional information were helpful and useful."

They've been very thankful that BIAV is here "for what comes next."

We Expanded Awareness

  • BIAV conducted a public awareness campaign for Brain Injury Awareness Month; ran 350,000 ads along the I-81 corridor in Harrisonburg, Charlottesville, and Roanoke


  • BIAV's website had nearly 50,000 visitors last year, our monthly e-newsletter reaches 3,500 people, and our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter platforms have a combined total of 5,000 followers (and growing!) 

If you're not already one of them, join us!  

  • Our multiple public awareness events such as our new podcast, blogs, and news appearances reached 1,300 participants

Awareness in Action

In 2021, BIAV launched our first podcast series - Brain Talk. Brain Talk's goal is to share stories of individuals, families, and caretakers in the brain injury community.

This podcast enabled BIAV to reach new communities through storytelling on a new site - Spotify! Keep an eye out in 2022 for more episodes and stories by subscribing.

2021.0813 BIAV Podcast Logo

Program Highlight:

This year, BIAV partnered with the Virginia Department of Health to develop a "Screen and Intervene" project that provided women with brain injury as a result of domestic violence resources to help them.

Screenshot 2021-12-30 153534

We Advocated

We advocated for
2021.0323 Virtual Rally Screenshot 1
  • We led advocacy efforts that resulted in $1.2 million in new funding for community-based brain injury core safety net services
  • Facilitated the passage of two bills that expanded service eligibility for persons with brain injury
  • Trained 240 individuals with brain injury, family caregivers, and other stakeholders in effective self and systems advocacy techniques

Advocacy in Action


Kelly's daughter was entitled to Social Security Benefits, but obtaining those benefits turned into a two-year ordeal that resulted in repeated denials. Finally, in frustration, Kelly decided to take action and apply what BIAV had taught her about advocacy. She reached out to her Congressional Representative and explained her situation and got them involved. As a result, Kelly's daughter received all entitled payments, including all of the owned back payments.

"Never give up and advocacy pays off!"

-Kelly, Caregiver

We're Here for What Comes Next

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Our work would not be possible

without the generosity of our supporters.

Our Partners

Thank you to the organizations who provide year-round support of our mission, events, and programs.

Our Champions

We gratefully acknowledge those who contributed $250 or more to our mission in FY21.

Aegis Environmental, Inc.

Alexandra Watson

Allen, Allen, Allen, & Allen P.C.

Allstate - The Giving Campaign

Amicus Visual Solutions


Barbara Carter

Breit Cantor Grana Buckner, PLLC

Carol Peterson

Dr. Charles Dillard

Dan Raper

Dana Larson

Darcy Carroll

Debbie and Ramon Ybarra

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Dr. Nathan Zasler

Hands On Your Health, LLC.

Harris, Hardy, & Johnstone, P.C.

Hatcher Crenshaw

Injured Workers Law Firm

Joseph Radford, Jr. and Kelly Radford

Joseph Wallace

Kelli Gary

Laura Smiley

Lauren Daugherty and Kathleen Fletcher

Mary and David Tognarelli

Medical-Rehabilitation Resource Consultants, Inc.

Meg Kelly

Michael Bunda

Michael Weber

NeuroRestorative - The Mentor Network

Patrick and Anne McDonnell

Richmond Area Bicycling Association

S.B. Cox, Inc.

Scott and Melissa Bucci

Sheltering Arms Fund, a component fund of The Community Foundation for a Greater Richmond

Spencer Koch

Supakunya Edmonson

The WaWa Foundation

The Wimpfheimer Foundation, Inc.

Tree of Life Services, Inc.

Trish Smith

Virginia T. Dashiell Charitable Foundation

Willard Milby

William Moore

Yael Israel

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